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Welcome to Brien Morris' Web Page!

Welcome to my web site, here you will find out more about me, my interests and hobbies. While you are here please feel free to look around. I always like hearing from people, so feel free to leave me an email message before you leave.

If the name sounds familiar to you, I have been involved in radio broadcasting in Portland, OR off and on since 1984. Up until April 21, 2005, I was the traffic reporter and Web Master for Entercom Radio.

In September 2012 after nearly 29 years in radio broadcasting I decided to pursue a new and challenging career path as a two-way radio technician.

I am also a licensed amateur (ham) radio operator and my call sign is K7KSN. I can be heard on the N7PIR Repeater system in Portland on 440.450Mhz + , 103.5 CTCSS/443.700Mhz +, 146.2 CTCSS/IRLP 3420.


Any comments or questions, email me - brien@brienmorris.com


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